Otamatone details


  1. Stem switch

    Press anywhere on the black area to play notes. The lower the area the higher the note.

  2. Head

    Extremely cute and made of soft silicon. Press the cheeks to move the mouth.

  3. Tail

    No functionality but pretty cool. Can spin like a record (without the sound).

Playing Techniques

  1. Push Technique:

    Play notes by simply pressing the stem switch.

    • Unlike a touch screen you need to squeeze the stem with two fingers.

  2. Portamento Technique:

    Let your fingers slide for gradual note progression.

  3. Wah-wah Technique:

    Move the mouth to change the sound.

  1. Vibrato Technique:

    Shake the stem while playing a note to add vibrato.

How to perform with ease

Unlike a guitar or a piano the Otamatone does not come with
distinct markers for note positions.
But if you prefer to have some that’s no problem at all.

  1. Stick some tape

    Stick some tape to the stem so you can easily see it.

  2. note positions

    Use the practice sheet (Otamatone only) or a tuner to locate note positions and mark them on the tape with a permanent marker.

    • *The practice sheet can help you to get a feeling for intervals on the stem switch. Use a tuner to find the exact position of notes.

Practice repeatedly to get a natural feeling for the position of notes.

Otamatone size comparison