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Otamatone Charm

Otamatone Charm

Out of production

A cute talisman in Otamatone shape that can also be used as a screw driver to open the lid if the Otamatone's battery case. Each color represents a specific element (imprinted on the back side).

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • + Smartphone
  • Easy
  • App
  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Accessory
Released: 2011/08
Price: 638 Yen(with tax)
Size: H38mm
Includes:Hook / Metal tip

Otamatone Charm details

A cute accessory that also opens the battery case lid of your Otamatone!

Each color has its own personality.

  • The white charm is a "romanticist".

    It's proud of itself, sensitive and ever calm. It can be stubborn at times but that makes it even more adorable.

  • The black charm is pretty "easy going".

    It doesn't like to be rushed and prefers clear conditions. It can be shy at times but since it's cautious it always delivers quality work.

  • The pink charm is "passionate".

    It doesn't hesitate to put its ideas into practice and loves festivals as well as everything thrilling and fast. It can be a bit moody but never gives up.

  • The blue charm is "fair minded".

    It is a flexible thinker, has a high sense of justice and doesn't like people who give up their ideals. It can therefore come off a little elitist but its scatty side makes up for that.

  • The yellow charm likes it "simple".

    It has a strong sense of responsibility and works really hard. It can finish every job but panics a little if it has to do more than one task at a time. It's straight forward and diligent.