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Otamatone Digital

Otamatone Digital

Out of production

A keyboard type Otamatone. Perfect for band performances since you are less likely to miss a note. Comes with a rock mode emulating harmonic power guitar sound and a percussion mode including kick, snare, bell and cymbal sounds on top of the normal Otamatone voice. A 3.5mm stereo jack allows output through headphones or external speakers.

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  • + Smartphone
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  • Digital
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  • Accessory
Released: 2014/12
Price: 6,050 Yen(with tax)
Size: W95×H370×D178mm
Powered by: 3 AA batteries (alkaline batteries recommended)
Includes: Guide sticker
Test batteries

Digital details

A digital Otamatone with keys indicating note positions.

Main characteristics

  • 3 digital sound modes

  • Piano-style keys

  • Can play two or more notes simultaneously

  • Dial knob for gradual volume setting

  • 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone and speaker output

Scale and modes

  • Stem switch scale

  • Modes

    • Normal mode

      Plays the original Otamatone sound.

    • Rock mode

      Plays a guitar-like harmonic power sound.

    • Percussion mode

      Divides the stem switch into 4 sections that play percussion sounds as shown above.