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Otamatone Melody Z

Otamatone Melody Z

Out of production

Sold as merchandise at the 2011 tour of the famous band Unicorn and includes 6 of their most famous songs. Feel like a Unicorn member by simply pushing the play button. A heavenly gift for every fan. Can be used as a key chain and taken anywhere! Size and functions are similar to the Otamatone Melody.

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Released: 2011
Price: Not sold by this company.
Size: W42×H95×D80mm
Powered by: 1 CR2032 lithium battery
Includes: Ball chain / Test batteries
Others:© Sony Music Artists Inc.

Melody Z details

A tiny Otamatone with built-in songs that allows everyone to perform with ease.


  1. Demo Play Button

    Check the selected song

    Change Octave Mode

    Press the Demo Play Button for 2 seconds or more to switch to octave change mode

    3 octaves are available Low / Mid / Hi

    • LOW
    • MID
    • HI
  2. Song Select Button

    Push to select the next song.

No need to be big to do Wah-wah.

Can be used as a key chain.

Song list:

  1. Daimeiwaku
  2. Fuga
  4. WAO!
  6. SMA (CSA)

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