Otamatone Iwashika Ver. / 1
Otamatone Iwashika Ver. / 1
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Otamatone Iwashika Ver.

Otamatone Iwashika Ver.

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First food collaboration!
The official character ``Iwashika-chan'' of ``Iwashita's New Ginger'', which is popular for its pink packaging seen in commercials, has become an Otamatone.
A gentle pink model with the expression of a cute sardine deer. Iwashita's new ginger-shaped horns are the highlight!
The "Iwashita's New Ginger" logo is printed on the battery cover on the back.
A practice sheet for the sound logo mouth of "Iwashita's New Ginger♪", which is familiar from the commercial, is included.

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Price:4,950 Yen(with tax)
Size:W67 × H270 × D133mm
Powered by:単四乾電池 × 3本 (アルカリ電池推奨)
Includes:Practice sheet (Iwashitano shinsyouga ) / Test batteries
Others:©IWASHITA Corp. All rights reserved.



  1. Power / Volume Switch

    2 volume settings

    • LOW
    • HI
  2. オクターブ(音域)は3種類

    • 低(LOW)
    • 中(MID)
    • 高(HI)

Practice sheet

There are no markers for note positions on the Otamatone. Place the included practice sheet alongside the stem and press the stem switch where the numbers indicate to get a feeling for note positions. Play the instrument upright once you've got the hang of it.

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