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Otamatone neo

Otamatone neo

On sale

The 10th anniversary model has been improved for even better playability. It also allows smartphone connectivity via OTM Link. An official app called Otamatone Studio will be released alongside the new model to allow you to change your Otamatone's sound. We also added a power LED to remind you when you have run out of batteries. It comes in a transparent box that makes for a perfect gift. A most special edition for a most special occasion.

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • + Smartphone
  • Easy
  • App
  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Accessory
Released: 2019/12
Price: 4,950 Yen(with tax)
Size: W67×H285×D137mm
Powered by: 3 AAA batteries (alkaline batteries recommended)
Includes: Practice sheet (Happy Birthday To You) / Test batteries

Otamatone neo details

Even easier to play and with a brand new
feature: smartphone connectivity!
Use the official app Otamatone Studio
for even more Otamatone fun!

Upgrades from the standard Otamatone

  1. A power LED reminds you of battery shortage.

  2. OTM Link let's you connect your Otamatone to a smartphone.

  3. The stem switch is wider for improved playability.

  4. The instrument is thicker and feels more solid when performing.

  5. Increased length for an increased play range.

Plays like the standard Otamatone

  1. Push Technique:

    Play notes by simply pressing the stem switch.

    • Unlike a touch screen you need to squeeze the stem with two fingers.
  2. Portamento Technique:

    Let your fingers slide for gradual note progression.

  3. Wah-wah Technique:

    Move the mouth to change the sound.

  1. Vibrato Technique:

    Shake the stem while playing a note to add vibrato.

Switch Panel

  1. Power LED

  2. Power / Volume Switch

    2 volume settings

    • LOW
    • HI
  3. Octave Switch

    3-step Octave Switch

    • LOW
    • MID
    • HI
  4. OTM Link

    4-pole 3.5mm stereo jack

Introduction Movie