Otamatone’s 10th Anniversary!


On this day exactly 10 years ago we released our first Otamatone. It has been a long and eventful journey since then and we would not have made it without the ongoing support of all our fans. For that we would like to sincerely thank you today.

Otamatone attracted attention as a toy and instrument alike due to its peculiar shape and playing technique. It was an epoch-making product that paved the way for many toy instruments to come.

In 2010, Otamatone was awarded the “High Target Toy Prize” at the Japanese Toy Awards. It gained momentum among fans of electric instruments but also people in search of an easy approachable and fun way to play music. Today it is loved by Otamtonists from all ages and all over the world. Its 10th year on the market not only saw the release of an official website and the app “Otamatone Studio” but also the brand new model “Otamatone neo”. And this is by far the end.

We have only just begun to explore the possibilities of Otamatone. Let’s continue this journey together.